Smart Learning

Smart Learning: Transforming Education with Data-Driven Student Management and Performance Analysis

What is Smart Learning?

Smart Learning is a comprehensive student management solution designed to empower educators with powerful tools for enhancing the educational experience. With Smart Learning, teachers can effortlessly oversee and analyze students' performance data in assessments, enabling them to make data-driven decisions. The platform takes an initial assessment from each student and leverages historical data to predict their performance for the semester, granting instructors a valuable insight into each student's potential. Smart Learning doesn't stop at data analysis; it also allows teachers to create teams of students to foster collaboration and improvement. These teams can be visualized through intuitive graphical representations, facilitating a clear understanding of how different student groups are progressing. Moreover, the platform offers a seamless comparison view, allowing educators to view students' actual performance with their predicted performance, offering valuable insights for tailored instructional strategies. Smart Learning is the quintessential tool for educators seeking to optimize their teaching approach and drive student success. In summary, Smart Learning redefines the way educators manage and support their students. By offering predictive analytics, team collaboration features, and insightful comparisons between predicted and actual performance, it empowers teachers to make informed decisions and take their students to new heights. Whether you're an educator looking to enhance student outcomes or a student striving for success, Smart Learning is the ultimate platform for fostering a brighter future in education.


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My Contributions

As a Student at COMSATS, I utilised Python skills along with other tools and techs to develop many features of the project. Some of my key achievements and tasks included:

  • Design and Implement the Frontend and backend of application
  • Responsible for Integration of Machine Learnig model.
  • Write Documentation and Diagrams for the functionality.

Techs and Tools I Used

  • Languages and Frameworks: Django, HTML5, JS, Plotly
  • Databases: postgreSQL
  • Others: Heroku, Github, LucidChart