Power Insight

Efficient Embedded System Data Collection, Storage, ETL, and Reporting Tool for Generators

What is Power Insight?

The "Efficient Embedded System Data Collection, Storage, ETL, and Reporting Tool for Generators" project aims to develop a comprehensive solution for gathering critical data from generators, storing it in a secure database, and performing Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) operations to ensure data accuracy and integrity. This embedded system tool will not only streamline the process of data collection from generators but also provide the capability to generate insightful reports based on the collected data. It offers real-time monitoring and analytics, enabling better decision-making and proactive maintenance. This project promises to revolutionize the management and optimization of generator systems, enhancing their reliability and performance.



My Contributions

As a Software Engineer at SSI, I utilised Python, Angular, Dotnet and Bash along with other tools and techs to develop many features of the product. Some of my key achievements and tasks included:

  • Engineered a Python and bash stats script for capturing device data, enhancing data management and documentation.
  • Designed user management with Grafana DB API and UI in Angular and Asp.net, improving user accessibility.
  • Programmed Network automation script using bash for embedded systems, optimizing operational efficiency.
  • Enhance the datapipeline process to publish data for algorithm to show reporting on Grafana charts.
  • Accomplished DevOps pipelining with AWS and Azure for OS and application deployment, bolstering system efficiency and documentation

Techs and Tools I Used

  • Languages and Frameworks: Python, Dotnet, Angular, Bash Scripting, Grafana
  • Databases: Influx DB, Binary file(custom encryption)
  • Testing: Katalon, Selenium
  • Others: Restfull, Azure, Bitbucket, Jira, Teams, and Docker.