The revolutionary platform for true driving education freelancers.

What is PermisPop?

The PermisPop linking platform, thoughtfully crafted by educators, caters to permit professionals with a primary focus on providing a comprehensive solution akin to Uber. Through its web and mobile applications, PermisPop seamlessly connects students aspiring to learn driving with skilled instructors and nearby driving schools based on their geographical proximity. This platform offers an innovative and user-friendly approach to facilitate driving education, thereby enhancing accessibility and convenience for both students and professionals in the field.



My Contributions

As a Software Engineer at Falcon Consulting, I utilised Asp.Net core, Reactjs, Mongodb and Nodejs along with other tools and techs to develop many features of the product. Some of my key achievements and tasks included:

  • Engineered Permispop.fr v2, leading a team of 3 developers, delivering mobile and web app
  • Engineered scheduler, chat, and map modules.
  • Optimized the MongoDB queries for enhancing performance.

Techs and Tools I Used

  • Languages and Frameworks: Asp.Net core, ReactJS, NodeJS
  • Databases: Mongo DB
  • Testing: Jest
  • Others: RestAPI, Github, Slack, Figma and Windows IIS.