Intuitive and easy-to-use environmental monitoring solutions.

What is Omnidots?

Omnidots is a leading market provider of intuitive and easy-to-use environmental monitoring solutions. We take pride in our market leadership in The Netherlands, Australia, and the UK and are actively expanding our presence in the US, France, and Germany. With our international ambitions, we strive to make a positive impact worldwide by constantly working towards expanding our reach.

My Contributions

As a Software Engineer at Omnidots, I utilised Python, Reactjs, GraphQL and Linux along with other tools and techs to develop many features of the product. Some of my key achievements and tasks included:

  • Engineered performance enhancements for the download module, incorporating generators and background jobs with Celery
  • Transformed the notification page to React from Django using Storybook and implemented GraphQL API, enhancing user experience.
  • Programmed a robust unit-testing structure, dynamically mocking classes for elastic search data retrieval, ensuring application reliability.

Techs and Tools I Used

  • Languages and Frameworks: Django, ReactJS
  • Databases: My SQL and Elastic Search
  • Testing: Jest, Storybook, Pytest
  • Others: GraphQL, Github, Slack, Figma, and Docker.