Cloud Artificial Intelligence Operating System.

What is Genexus?

Genexus is pioneering the development of a cloud-based artificial intelligence operating system, poised to empower users with a transformative array of capabilities. This innovative system enables users to effortlessly generate, edit, analyze, control, search, print, store, share, trade, and interact with diverse forms of data, media, and software. With Nexus, the digital landscape is set to evolve, providing an all-encompassing solution for individuals and organizations seeking enhanced productivity, efficiency, and versatility in their digital interactions.


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My Contributions

As a Remote Software Engineer, I utilised my skills in Python, ReactJS, and payment gateway Integration along with other tools and techs to develop many features of the product. Some of my key achievements and tasks included:

  • Design and develop the API and Frontend of application, Lead a development team.
  • Optimised data process for AI generated data.
  • Enhancing the user experience by the UI into an OS based homepage.

Techs and Tools I Used

  • Languages and Frameworks: Django, React, Redux, Typescript
  • Databases: PostgreSQL
  • Server: AWS(EC2, S3, Lambda), TrainML
  • Payment: Stripe, Coinbase
  • Others: RestAPI, Github, Slack, Figma and Skype